Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)
Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)
Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)
Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)
Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)
Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)
Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)

Sunrise FILTER SET (100mm System)

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KANI Sunrise Filter Set ( 100MM SYSTEM )

SKU Number : K31018

This filter set is included 4 pieces of 100mm filter system.

The list that included in Filter Set 

1. CPL filter (82mm) circular type (100mm holder attached CPL )

2. Premium Dual Purpose GND filter 0.75 (100x150mm)

3. Premium Reverse GND 0.6 (100x150mm)

4. HTIII model 100mm Holder 

Three adapters rings are included. (67mm⇒82mm, 72mm⇒82mm, 77mm⇒82mm )


A set of two half ND filters and a 100mm holder that can be used for sunrise and sunset photography at various locations throughout Japan, in different seasons, and in different weather conditions, effectively supporting sunrise and sunset photography with excellent backlight resistance thanks to KANI's premium coding. Recommended for capturing the best first sunrise of the year.
Half ND filters are available in two types: a dual-purpose 0.75 (hard and soft GND, half ND6 with 2.5 aperture reduction), which is ideal for regular use and covers a wide range of scenes including the sun after sunrise and before sunset, as well as during the day and on cloudy days, and a half ND6 with 2.5 aperture reduction, which serves two functions in one piece, and a half ND6 with 2.5 aperture reduction for scenes with hidden sun before sunrise and after sunset, to bring out details on the ground or sea surface. Premium Reverse 0.6 (Half ND4, 2 aperture reduction) is ideal for capturing the changing sky while bringing out details of the ground and sea surface in scenes where the sun is hiding before sunrise or after sunset.
Depending on the region (Hokkaido, Nansei Islands, etc.), season, or weather conditions, there are many scenes that cannot be covered by the Dual Purpose 0.75's 2.5 aperture reduction alone when shooting with the sun, but can be handled by layering two Reverse 0.6 lenses to achieve the maximum 4.5 aperture effect. In addition, a circular polarizing filter, a staple for landscape photography, is also included. The set is versatile enough to be used in all kinds of shooting situations, and its contents make it easy to master a series of usage methods, from basic use to layering filters, making it ideal as an introduction to half ND filters, mainly for morning and evening sun shots.

The Quality of filters

German-made B270 optical glass is used, and both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain high filter flatness.

Visible light transmittance is extremely high, and it is designed to have very little bluish tint during long exposure photography. 

It has an extremely strong oil-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof coating that can be wiped off with a regular cloth. Generally, it must be wiped with a dedicated pad or cloth.

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