Adapter Step-up ring (49mm to 75mm)

Adapter Step-up ring (49mm to 75mm)

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KANI HT75 Adapter Step-up ring (49mm to 75mm)

SKU Number : K20015

This is an adapter ring to use with HT75 filter holder system.

This versatile adapter ring is designed for seamless compatibility with the HT75 filter holder system, providing you with the flexibility to expand your photographic possibilities.

The 49mm to 75mm Adapter Ring serves as the crucial link between your lens and the HT75 holder. Specifically engineered for the HT75 system, this adapter ring enables you to effortlessly attach and use filters that have a 49mm thread diameter.

The HT75 holder frame boasts a generous 75mm size, ensuring optimal support and stability for your filters during your photographic endeavors. Meanwhile, the 49mm diameter on the lens side of this adapter ring ensures a perfect fit for your lens.

With this adapter ring in your toolkit, you'll have the freedom to experiment with a wide range of filters, enhancing your creative vision and capturing stunning images. It's the essential accessory for any photographer seeking to elevate their craft with the HT75 filter holder system.

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