Chocolate Nostalgia No.2 39mm
Chocolate Nostalgia No.2 39mm
Chocolate Nostalgia No.2 39mm

Chocolate Nostalgia No.2 39mm

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KANI Chocolate Nostalgia No.2 39mm

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The chocolate color is tinted with brown, creating a nostalgic, warm, and soft impression like a scene from a movie you may have seen someday. It has a unique softness, and you can enjoy the taste of old lenses. Photographers Koji Ueda and Miho Komuro supervised the development of this filter. It goes well with portraits as well as snaps. The tints are popular overseas as well, fading to brown for a nostalgic expression.
No.1 softens to a chocolate color while enhancing the subject's color.
No. 2 is denser than No. 1 and gives an even more nostalgic impression
Product name: CHOCOLATE NOSTALGIA Trademark registration pending

Main specifications
Filter diameter: 39mm Front side filter screw: 39mm (Lens cap, filter, etc.) * Due to the characteristics of the product, depending on the camera and lens combination, the lens may not focus in autofocus mode. In such cases, please use manual focus.

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