Fireworks Basic FILTER SET (100mm System)
Fireworks Basic FILTER SET (100mm System)
Fireworks Basic FILTER SET (100mm System)

Fireworks Basic FILTER SET (100mm System)

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KANI Fireworks Basic Filter Set ( 100MM SYSTEM )

SKU Number : K31011

This filter set is included 4 pieces of 100mm filter system.

The list that included in Filter Set 

1. Premium CPL filter (82mm) circular type ( holder frame attached CPL )

2. Premium Reverse GND 0.6 (100x150mm)

3. ND4 filter (100x100mm) ( for 2stops exposure reducing)

4. HTIII  100mm Holder 

Three adapters rings are included. (67mm⇒82mm, 72mm⇒82mm, 77mm⇒82mm )

Make your fireworks shot perfect 

   Premium Reverse GND0.6, which is useful for shooting bright fireworks in the center of the composition, such as star mines and food stalls, and putting a large ball in the upper part of the composition, and ND4, which is most used for fireworks.
The CPL has a dimming effect equivalent to ND 1 step, so if ND4 is not enough, you can attach the CPL to the holder and use it.

The holder can directly attach a filter with a diameter of 82mm, and comes with 3 step-up rings: 82-77mm, 82-72mm, and 82-67mm.A soft case that can store the holder is included, and each filter comes with a case.

 The Quality of filters

German-made B270 optical glass is used, and both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain high filter flatness.

Visible light transmittance is extremely high, and it is designed to have very little bluish tint during long exposure photography. 

It has an extremely strong oil-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof coating that can be wiped off with a regular cloth. Generally, it must be wiped with a dedicated pad or cloth.

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