Frame CPL ( 150x150mm ) For 150mm Holder
Frame CPL ( 150x150mm ) For 150mm Holder
Frame CPL ( 150x150mm ) For 150mm Holder
Frame CPL ( 150x150mm ) For 150mm Holder
Frame CPL ( 150x150mm ) For 150mm Holder

Frame CPL ( 150x150mm ) For 150mm Holder

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KANI Frame CPL 150mm

SKU Number :  K22003

Product Overview:

The KANI Frame CPL 150mm is a high-performance circular polarizer filter specifically designed for the HT150mm filter holder. This filter features a metal frame that fits securely into the holder, similar to square filters, ensuring easy and stable attachment. The filter's diameter is maximized to the edge of the frame to prevent vignetting, and adjustments can be made using the rotation knob on the frame.

Key Features:

  • Designed for HT150mm Holder: Specially made to fit the HT150mm filter holder, providing a secure and stable attachment.

  • Maximized Diameter: The filter diameter extends to the edges of the frame to prevent vignetting, ensuring full coverage and optimal performance.

  • Rotation Knob: Allows for easy adjustment of the polarizing effect directly from the frame, providing precise control over reflections and contrast.

  • High-Transmission Polarizing Film: Utilizes a high-transmission polarizing film for superior image quality and brighter viewfinder images.

  • Advanced Coatings: Features KANI’s advanced coatings for ultra-low reflectivity, excellent oil, water, and dust repellency, and strong durability. The filter is easy to clean and maintains its performance over time.

  • Anti-Static Properties: Reduces the accumulation of dust and particles, keeping the filter cleaner for longer periods.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Insert the Filter: Place the Frame CPL 150mm into the HT150mm filter holder, ensuring it fits securely.
  2. Adjust Polarization: Use the rotation knob on the frame to adjust the polarizing effect, reducing reflections and enhancing color contrast.
  3. Clean as Needed: Use a soft cloth to remove any fingerprints or dirt, benefiting from the oil, water, and dust repellent properties.


  • Filter Type: Circular Polarizer (CPL)
  • Filter Diameter: 150mm
  • Compatibility: HT150mm filter holder
  • Coating: Ultra-low reflection, oil, water, and dust repellent, anti-static

Product Benefits:

  • Enhanced Image Quality: Improves color contrast and reduces reflections, resulting in clearer and more vibrant images.
  • Easy to Use: The rotation knob allows for quick and precise adjustments, making it convenient for various shooting conditions.
  • Durable and Reliable: Advanced coatings ensure long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.
  • No Vignetting: Maximized diameter prevents vignetting, providing full coverage and optimal image quality.

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