Holder System + CPL 100 mm
Holder System + CPL 100 mm
Holder System + CPL 100 mm
Holder System + CPL 100 mm
Holder System + CPL 100 mm
Holder System + CPL 100 mm
Holder System + CPL 100 mm
Holder System + CPL 100 mm

Holder System + CPL 100 mm

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KANI 100MM FILTER HOLDER ( HT100III model ) +Premium CPL

 SKU Number : K21026

 - In the package of the box, there are four parts.

1.The HOLDER frame (HT100III model)

2.The ADAPTER ring (82mm diameter)

3.Three adapter converting rings (67-82mm, 72-82mm, and 77-82mm)

4.Premium Circular Polarizing filter CPL (HT100-82 model) 

The included CPL (circular polarizing filter) is attached to the filter frame of the holder, and this CPL filter can be rotated using the rotary knob after being attached to the holder. This CPL filter is also easy attachment by screwing in holder frame. 

The lens side adapter ring 82mm is thinner and more vignetting-resistant.

This optional compatible adapter ring is allows directly attachment to ultra-wide angle lenses such as the Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 lens and the Sony 14mm f/1.8 GM lens.

This 100mm filter holder system is a compact model that designed mainly for mirrorless cameras’ lenses.

This 100mm filter holder system is for using with the square type filters of (100mm x 150mm) size. Up to three square filters can be attached.

This holder system is also compatible for using with CPL filter.

The optional CPL filters are available in three types: (sold separately),

  1. HT100-82 with integrated adapter ring,
  2. 100mm frame CPL, and
  3. 100mm square full CPL.

 The case of this holder system is also made of neoprene for convenient storage, with zipper, cloth, and high quality materials and design.

Compatible with a wide range of lenses from 95mm to 52mm filter diameter by using together with the adapter converting rings for 95mm~67mm. (sold separately).

The adapter converting rings 67-82mm, 72-82mm, and 77-82mm are included.

The Adapter rings and adapter converting rings  are made from aluminium alloy.

How to use The Filter Holder System

-Screw the ADAPTER ring to the lens side with same diameter.

-The ADAPTER have to insert inside the claw on the left side of the HOLDER’s outer frame, and the right side is automatically attached by pushing the ADAPTER in. The ADAPTER fixing part on the right side of the HOLDER’s outer frame is spring-loaded and automatically attaches when mounted.

-For the removal of the ADAPTER, just pull the knob on the right side of the HOLDER's outer frame.

-Easy to use for attaching and removing  filter holder system.

-It can be used without vignetting. At the time of purchase, it is for 2 filter frames. By adding the attached parts can be changed to 3 filter frames.

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