KANI Premium Reverse GND 0.9 170x190mm
KANI Premium Reverse GND 0.9 170x190mm
KANI Premium Reverse GND 0.9 170x190mm

KANI Premium Reverse GND 0.9 170x190mm

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KANI Premium Reverse GND 0.9 170x190mm

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Product Overview:

The KANI Premium Reverse GND 0.9 170x190mm filter is a high-quality half ND filter designed to provide a maximum light reduction of ND8 (3 stops) in the center, gradually decreasing towards the edges. This filter is ideal for capturing sunrises and sunsets, where the brightest part of the scene is typically near the horizon.

Key Features:

  • Reverse Gradient Design: The filter features a reverse gradient with the strongest ND effect in the center, diminishing towards the edges, making it perfect for balancing exposures during sunrise and sunset photography.

  • Premium Coating: Utilizes advanced coating technology to minimize reflections between surfaces, aiming for the highest quality at its price point. This ensures superior performance with minimal glare and ghosting.

  • SCHOTT B270 Glass: Made from high-quality SCHOTT B270 glass, known for its high light transmission and precision. The glass is ultra-precision polished, maintaining high flatness on both sides.

  • Seamless Gradient: The gradation is meticulously crafted to be smooth and uniform, providing consistent results in various shooting conditions.

  • Durable Coating: Both sides of the filter are coated to be oil, water, and dust repellent, enhancing durability and making cleaning effortless. The anti-static properties further prevent dust accumulation.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Position the Filter: Place the filter in front of your lens with the darkest part of the gradient aligned with the horizon.
  2. Adjust for Best Results: Slide the filter up or down to achieve the desired effect, balancing the exposure between the sky and the foreground.
  3. Clean as Needed: Use a soft cloth to wipe away any fingerprints or dirt, taking advantage of the oil, water, and dust repellent properties.


  • Effect: Maximum ND8 (3 stops)
  • Size: 170mm x 190mm x 2mm
  • Material: SCHOTT B270 Glass
  • Coating: Anti-reflective, oil, water, and dust repellent with anti-static properties

Product Benefits:

  • Superior Image Quality: Achieve perfectly balanced exposures in challenging lighting conditions like sunrises and sunsets.
  • High Durability: Advanced coatings ensure long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.
  • Precision Engineering: SCHOTT B270 glass provides high light transmission and precise gradation for professional-quality results.

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