Light Pollution Reduction Filter (HT100-82mm) For 100mm Holder
Light Pollution Reduction Filter (HT100-82mm) For 100mm Holder
Light Pollution Reduction Filter (HT100-82mm) For 100mm Holder
Light Pollution Reduction Filter (HT100-82mm) For 100mm Holder
Light Pollution Reduction Filter (HT100-82mm) For 100mm Holder

Light Pollution Reduction Filter (HT100-82mm) For 100mm Holder

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KANI Light Pollution Reduction Filter (HT100-82mm) For 100mm Holder

 SKU Number : K21038


- The filter is Light Pollution Reduction Filter (LPRF) .

- The filter model is HT100-82mm . The screw diameter 82mm for using with KANI 100mm filter holder system (HT100III ).

- The filter glass is made by B270 glass of German SCOTT

- The filter both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high filter flatness accuracy.

- The filter is water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof with Premium Coating System.

It is integrated with the holder adapter, and the filter screw diameter on the lens side is 82mm. It can be attached directly to lenses with a screw diameter of 82mm, but for other lenses with different diameters, please use the step-up rings (sold separately).

This is a light pollution reduction filter that can cuts and reduces for color casts caused by light pollution when photographing at the night times.

This is very useful to reduce the influence of unnecessary light sources such as urban lighting, sodium lamps, and mercury lamps.

KANI's Light Pollution Reduction Filter is characterized by a good reducing rate of yellow.


KANI’s LPRF was collaboration product with the request of astrophotographer Mr. Akio Nakanishi, who is really famous  astro-photographer in Japan.
KANI's LPRF is the world's highest level as a light-pollution reduction filter for every photographer. KANI's LPRF is characterized by a very good yellowish cutoff ratio. The cutoff ratio, especially in the yellow area, is extremely excellent.

KANI filters feature high transmittance due to B270 glass made by German company Scott, flatness accuracy due to double-sided ultra-precision polishing, low occurrence of ghosts and flares due to excellent coating technology, and high oil, water, and dust resistance. It is a gem that also has strength that is hard to damage and crack.

The Sky is amazing without Pollution of Light 

Did you ever notice how much beautiful the sky is without the star ? The sky without the pollution is one the greatest view. But in these day, mostly over urban areas, due to the electric lights of cars, street-lamps, offices, factories, outdoor advertising, and buildings, turning  the night are becoming the light pollution and people are very difficult to find the beauty of Night. 

Light pollution is an obstacle for your qualities of images

The light wave from artificial light impact the photo quality badly. Specifically, the night pollution is like the enemies for the people of astrophotography. 

KANI Light Pollution Reduction Filter will be one of the best way to solve this problem for photographing at night.

KANI Light Pollution Reduction Filter (LPRF) combines the technical features of

- high transmittance,

-good performance,

-high quality glass material,

-design that is extremely hard to break even if dropped,

-good coating.

It is a recommended product for star scape photography, astrophotography, factory and cityscape photography.

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