Premium Vivid CPL Filter (100x100)mm
Premium Vivid CPL Filter (100x100)mm
Premium Vivid CPL Filter (100x100)mm

Premium Vivid CPL Filter (100x100)mm

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Kani Premium MC Vivid CPL filter (100x100)mm

 SKU Number :  K02005


- The filter is Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL)

- The filter glass is made by B270 glass of German SCOTT 

- The filter both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high filter flatness accuracy. (Ultra Low Reflection Filter)

- The filter is water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof with Premium Coating System.

- The filter is 100mm x 100mm dimension. (to use with 100mm holder  system)

Vivid CPL is the filter which is not different price with the normal CPL. The Vivid CPL will give you both normal CPL effect and Vivid CPL effect in your photo.

The CPL specification greatly absorbs yellowish colors between 560nm and 600nm and emphasizes blue components.

It also has a low reflection coating that is extremely resistant to ghosting, and it Premium Multi Coating Quality has the world's best coating.

The filter size is 100mm square type and it is designed to use with a 100mm holder system.

It is dust-proof and the water drops can be quickly blown away with a blower, it is the produce with highly resistance to scratches.

It is really deserve to buy to get your amazing landscape photo.We believe that Vivid CPL will bring you different level of Circular Polarizing Effect.


When you are looking for a high quality product, with reasonable price, KNAI filter is for you. 

KANI have worked to meet the target of professional photographer requirement by their guideline. 

MC = Multi Coated , CPL = Circular Polarizing , Premium = Coating Quality

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