White Mist No.5 Filter (77mm)
White Mist No.5 Filter (77mm)
White Mist No.5 Filter (77mm)
White Mist No.5 Filter (77mm)

White Mist No.5 Filter (77mm)

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KANI White Mist No.5 Filter (77mm)

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- The filter is White Mist (No.5) Filter .

- The filter diameter is 77mm Circular type.

- The filter glass is made by B270 glass of German SCOTT

- The filter both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high filter flatness accuracy.

- The filter is water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof with Premium Coating System.

By evenly distributing diffusion material on the filter surface in the form of mist, it not only adds softness to the entire image, but also creates an expansive effect of light by blurring the highlights in particular.

This filter can be used for portraits photography , table-top photos , and a wide range of still and video applications.

There are No.1 to No.5 of White Mist Filter. The larger number of white mist filter , the stronger of the effect.

Mist Filter is Increasing Popular

The Mist Camera filter is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. From enhancing colors and creating stunning images to protecting against glare and reflections, the Mist Camera filter has many advantages. It is not just simply an aesthetic addition to your camera; it can also help to improve image quality in a number of ways, which makes it a must-have for any professional photographer or novice enthusiast. In this article we explore the various reasons why this filter is so popular and discuss the benefits that you can gain from using it. 

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