ND16 filter for Videography (4"X5.65")
ND16 filter for Videography (4"X5.65")

ND16 filter for Videography (4"X5.65")

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KANI HT-PRO MC  ND16  (4" x 5.65") Video filter

ND16 filter = 4 stops exposure reducing

 SKU Number :  K61003


- The filter is ND16 , Neutral Density filter for Videography camera.

- The filter glass is made by B270 glass of German SCOTT

- The filter both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high filter flatness accuracy. (Ultra Low Reflection Filter)

- The filter is water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof with HT-Pro Coating System.

- The filter is 4" x 5.56" dimension.

For Videography Filter ND16

This Rectangular ND filter with a light-reducing effect of ND16 (for 4 stops exposure reduction).

It is a 4mm thick with 4"x5.65" size that can be used with matte boxes from various companies.

High quality B270 glass made by SCHOTT of Germany is used. The glass has extremely high transmittance of visible light and is ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high degree of flatness on both sides.

The coating on both sides is oilproof, waterproof, dustproof, and tough, so any hand grease or dirt can be quickly wiped off with a soft cloth and the user can move on to shooting without stress.

It also has excellent antistatic properties to prevent the adhesion of dust and other particles.

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