ND1000  75mm filter system (75x85mm)
ND1000  75mm filter system (75x85mm)

ND1000 75mm filter system (75x85mm)

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KANI HT-PRO MC Neutral Density filter ND1000  (75x85mm)

SKU Number : K01009

ND1000 filter = 10 stops exposure reducing 


- The filter is ND1000, Neutral Density filter .

- The filter glass is made by B270 glass of German SCOTT

- The filter both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high filter flatness accuracy. (Ultra Low Reflection Filter)

- The filter is water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof with Premium Coating System.

- The filter is 75mm x 85mm dimension. (to use with 75mm holder system)


It is designed to have very high transmittance of visible light and very little bluish tint when shooting with long exposures. You will notice that this is different from the common.
The oilproof, waterproof, and dustproof coating is so strong that it can be wiped with an ordinary cloth, and it is especially nice to be able to quickly wipe oil, etc. from hands and move on to shooting. In general, you have to wipe with a special pad or cloth.

Landscape Photography Master!

The Neutral Density Filter is designed for taking the photo of long exposure which control how much light entering to the Len of camera. The actual aim is to maintain the contrast and sharpness without the effect of light. If you are interesting in landscape photography, the quality ND filter is your essential filter.


When you are looking for a high quality product with reasonable price,

KANI filter is for you. 

ND = Neutral Density , MC = Multi Coated , HT-PRO = Coating Quality of KANI

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