Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter (100x150mm)
Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter (100x150mm)
Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter (100x150mm)
Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter (100x150mm)

Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter (100x150mm)

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KANI Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter (100x150mm)

  SKU Number :  K03070


- The filter is Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter

- The filter glass is made by B270 glass of German SCOTT

- The filter both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high filter flatness accuracy. (Ultra Low Reflection Filter)

- The filter is water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof with Premium Coating System.

- The filter is 100mm x 150mm rectangular dimension. (to use with 100 mm holder  system)

What is Sunset Yellow Graduated Filter

This graduated filter features yellow-tinted half-length sections, designed for enhancing the warm colors of the sky during sunrise and sunset photography.

The filter's rectangular dimensions measure 150mm in length and 100mm in width, making it a unique offering from KANI.

We've employed a new coating technology to significantly reduce surface reflectance. This product represents the culmination of our pursuit of the world's finest rectangular filter. With exceptional visible light transmittance, it's specifically designed to minimize bluish tints when used in long-exposure photography, setting it apart from the standard options.

The oil-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof coating is exceptionally durable, allowing you to easily clean it with a standard cloth. This feature is especially useful for quickly removing oil and other contaminants from the filter, ensuring your photography remains uninterrupted.

Our filter is commonly employed during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset, as well as for daytime landscape photography without direct sunlight.


When you're in search of premium quality at an affordable price point, look no further than KANI Filters. We've diligently aligned our products with the exacting standards of professional photographers, crafting solutions that perfectly complement their needs.


LR = Low Reflection , GND = Graduated Neutral Density , Premium = Coating Quality of KANI 

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