Variable ND 2-64(side pole) (95mm)
Variable ND 2-64(side pole) (95mm)
Variable ND 2-64(side pole) (95mm)
Variable ND 2-64(side pole) (95mm)

Variable ND 2-64(side pole) (95mm)

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KANI HT-Pro MC Variable ND 2-64 circle filter 95 mm (SIDE POLE)

  SKU Number :  K11571


- The filter is Variable ND 2-64 (2 to 6 stops) . 

- The filter is 95mm diameter circular type . (with detachable rotating knob)

- The filter glass is 1.3mm thickness .

- The filter glass is made by B270 glass of German SCOTT

- The filter both sides are ultra-precisely polished to maintain a high filter flatness accuracy. (Ultra Low Reflection Filter)

- The filter is water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof with KANI HT-PRO Coating System.


☆ In response to many requests from customers, as a function of SIDE POLE , a detachable rotary knob has been added for easy operation of density adjustment. The operability has been greatly improved for both still and moving images.(When using a bayonet-type lens hood, please remove the knob)

☆ Variable ND filters are useful when shooting in movie mode in an environment where light levels change from moment to moment. These filters are useful in environments where it is not possible to carry a large number of filters  for movie shooting. The range of use is from standard to telephoto shooting, and is intended for use when shooting video and when high quality is not required.

☆ ND2-64 allows you to adjust the amount of light for daytime portrait photography, and allows you to shoot with a wide open f-number for strong bokeh. This is useful when shooting portraits because the picture will change if the f-number is stopped down. It also allows for smooth shooting without changing filters when shooting portraits.

Uses of Variable ND Filter

-The main purpose of this product is to be used for video shooting, and outdoor portrait shooting , especially with digital SLR and Mirrorless cameras. 

-The following situations are useful to be shot with a Variable ND Filter ;

1. shooting a movie in which the ND filter effect is increased and the image gradually darkens at the end of the cut, fading to black at the end.

2. Shooting movies at sunset or sunrise, or shooting in situations where the ND effect must be changed instantly, such as during timeless photography.

3. Shooting for People Portraits at outdoors scenery during the daytime with a minimum f-stop and a quick shutter speed of 1/8000 sec. in the camera, etc., when the background will be blown out and the shooting time is limited.

4. beginner class students who want to experience various ND effects.

- Depending on the ND effect, X-shaped unevenness or bluish phenomenon may occur from wide-angle to standard side. Also, during slow shutter speeds, back-illumination from the viewfinder may affect the ND effect. It is necessary to close the eyepiece shutter before shooting. For serious photographers, a rectangular ND single-effect filter is recommended.


KANI ND filters have the most significant feature of low color coverage. The constant color balance is also easy to use. This is a high quality variable ND filter with a low bluish tint, which is generally the case when the light-reducing effect is made stronger. It is usually said that it is difficult to achieve a well-balanced light-reducing effect on the entire image, but this product achieves it at a high level. Ultra-precision polishing on both sides maintains high filter flatness accuracy.



ND = Neutral Density , MC = Multi Coated , HT-PRO = Coating Quality of KANI

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